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Tehcnical Data

Aperture Range: T/1.5- T/22

Focusing Range: 100cm (39.4 inches) – ∞

Front Diameter: 85mm

Front Filter Thread: 77mm

Length/Diameter: 118/90 mm

Camera Mount: PL-mount and EF-mount

250 degree focus rotation.

Weight: 1050 g (2.31 lb)

Celere prime lenses create pleasing out-of-focus textures and highlights, producing rich, vibrant images with sharpness, contrast, and a soft bokeh. The 18.5mm, 25mm, 36mm, 50mm and 85mm cover a full frame sensor and are made for resolutions up to 6k. The lenses are colour balanced and have a unified eight-leaf iris module. There is no visible geometric distortion, with consistent image quality from centre to edge of the lens.

All Celere lenses are of equal weight, designed for free fly camera rigs and stedicams, facilitating super fast lens changes without rebalancing. The focus scales are in metric and imperial, with dual focus markings to be read from both sides. They are internal focusing lenses (overall length of the lens remains the same when rack focusing). They have been tested to work in minus 20 degree Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) up to 45 degree Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).